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Our Features

We are constantly striving to be the best Pickem site on the web. We are adding new features all the time, to our already rich arsenal:

In addition to the standard set of features below, Pooltracker offers these exciting new features at no extra cost!

Exciting New Features:

  • You choose how many weeks you want to compare for the championship (Optional: Choose to only compare 10 of the 17 weeks in the Pro Football Season for your pool)
  • Picks Matrix (Optional: Users can view everyone else's picks)

    Standard Features:

  • Private Pools
  • Standard Pickem
  • Ranked Pickem (aka. Confidence Pickem)
  • Vegas Odds Pickem (with either of the 2 above methods)
  • Easy way to invite your friends via email
  • Opt-in email reminders, your users don't forget to make their picks
  • Player management screens to manage your pool
  • Weekly and Season standings
  • Talk Trash to your pool buddies
  • SN: asxljw